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I opened my first credit card 8 years back with capital one. I was advised to use it a lot and pay it off before due time. After some years I lost my job and I was on able to meet up, which affected my report. I had some credit debts, utility bills, inquires and some collective items on my report. I came across a review on the YouTube about a credit expert company called TROVIAN CREDIT REPAIR which got my attention. I contacted them, we settled with a price then they start working on my credit, in less than 7 days I received a message that some changes as been done on my report. They cleared everything and pay off my debts and also raised my credit to 799 from the initial 580. Mail them with the following [email protected] PHONE +1 (424) 307 4562. They are 100% legit.
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Do you have a problem that is similar to mine? Gary Mckinnon is someone I recommend you contact. He can be counted on.
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I got married last year my husband and I are planning on getting a new house but our credit scores were low and I also had a lot of credit card debts. I spoke to a friend about it who happens to be a tech guy and he refers me to TROVIAN CREDIT REPAIR. I contacted him and he helped my husband and I raised our credit scores to 800 and he also helped me clear my credit card debts with other hard inquires he noticed. He is the best. His so perfect and kind hearted. Now we can buy any home of our choice. He's affordable get him to help you fix your credit. EMAIL [email protected] CELL +1 (424) 307 4562
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I found several good reviews about ADRIAN LAMO, A trusted credit repair professional. I contacted him and after discussing with him, we got started. He raised my score from 420 to 840 across all 3 credit bureaus, posted good trade-lines on my report, deleted my bad records and increased my credit line to $70k. He cleared all my bank account and credit card debt without traces. His job is legit and untraceable, You can get in touch with him via mail [email protected] or via text (413) 551-2034
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