Portrait Investment                       

Need photos of yourself or whole family? Have a pet that you want photos of to send on your Holiday cards? New addition to the family or just starting one? We do it all! We will never place you, your pet, or loved ones under hot studio lights. To us the true essence of who you and your loved ones are are captured best in a more natural setting. Gone are the days of grey backdrops.  We specialize in on-location natural light shoots. Choose your favorite park or beach location or maybe you want to go more urban and head into Providence or even Boston. Packages are tailored specifically for the client's needs. Basic sessions shot locally start at very affordable prices and scale from there depending on the number of people and location. Sessions last as long as it takes to get that perfect shot!  The session fee is for the photographer's time only.   Items such as prints, CD's, and a variety of other items can be purchased separately.